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This gallery contains examples of my work.

Shona and Stewart

The wedding of Shona and Stewart at Ingliston Country Club in Bishopton near Glasgow

115 Photos

Joanne and Keith

The wedding of Joanne and Keith at Queensferry Registy Office - reception at Royal Burgess Golfing Society

72 Photos

Pauline and Duncan

The wedding of Pauline and Duncan at Cromlix house

218 Photos

Yvonne and Alan

The wedding of Yvonne and Alan at the Lodge

59 Photos

Craig and Sabrina

The wedding of Craig and Sabrina at St Paul's and St George's. Reception at the Carlton.

49 Photos

Emma and Rob

The wedding of Emma and Rob on the 15th April 2010 at Crichton Memorial Church, Dumfries. Reception held at Aston hotel, Dumfries.

64 Photos

Jane and Duncan

The wedding of Jane and Duncan. Marriage in Edinburgh's registry office and then reception in the tower restaurant.

68 Photos

Sonja and Billy

The wedding of Sonja and Billy at King's Manor hotel.

61 Photos

John and Jong

The civil union of John and Jong at the Scotsman hotel.

70 Photos

Claire and Tom

The wedding of Claire and Tom at Norton House Hotel.

33 Photos