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Wedding Photography

We offer a high quality professional and friendly wedding photography service to suit any ceremony and budget.

We appreciate how special the wedding day is to you and your family and will cover the day while still remaining unobtrusive. We use a mixture of traditional, reportage and candid styles to produce wedding photographs to please everyone from the discerning bride to the proud grandparents. In order to remain unobtrusive we use high quality professional camera equipment so that we can avoid using flash as much as possible. This has the double advantage of avoiding flashing the bride and groom in the eyes during the ceremony (which is off-putting) and also capturing natural poses and the ambiance of the day. Please see wedding packages or email me

A quick overview of the three styles that our wedding photographer uses:

  • Traditional
    As the name implies this style has been used in wedding photography basically since is started. Think big groups of relatives smiling at the camera in rows. While this may not be your idea of what you want on the day bear in mind that most relatives really like to have a shot of themselves with the bride and groom and with a skilled wedding photographer it doesn’t actually need to take a lot of time. The traditional lines of people can also be changed about to add a new twist on a classic theme.
  • Reportage
    This is all the rage in wedding photography. Basically it is the paparazzi style. The wedding photographer lets you get on with your day and takes photographs as and when they happen with no direction. These can look highly natural and mean that you may hardly notice that the wedding photographer was there. However it means that you may miss some of the combinations you were wanting and you won’t have any group shots. You will also miss out on being able to utilise the expertise of your wedding photographer to set up stunning and flattering shots.
  • Candid
    This is what a lot of people actually mean when they say reportage! These shots have been carefully set up by the wedding photographer to look spontaneous. Think bridesmaids chatting together or the bride and groom holding hands walking along the beach. The shots look natural, but it’s a good bet that the wedding photographer didn’t just stumble across them. Instead they were carefully set up to look uncontrived while still being flattering and containing the necessary people.
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