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Music Choices

Generally some music is needed at the wedding. There are a huge number of music types to choose from, I‘ll outline a few options below.

You can choose to have music just at the ceremony or just at the reception or both. Edinburgh is also blessed with a large number of talented musicians if you would like live music.

During the evening entertainment you can have a Ceilidh band, a DJ or live music. It‘s up to you.


As we are in Scotland it‘s a great excuse to hire a piper. They can pipe your arrival, pipe you down the asile and pipe you to the wedding breakfast. It really adds a touch of class. Piping is very loud however so I would advise using it sparingly, also best avoided if you are in a small venue. We had a piper and he stood in the enterance while the guests were in a separate room and that worked well!

Stereo System

This has advantages and disadvantages. It‘s cheap and will probably be fairly easy to arrange, it may even be available from the venue. You could probably even make up a CD of your favorite songs and play them in the evening instead of a DJ. The main problems with this though are that you can‘t encourage a CD to end at the oppertune moment and may end up tapping your foot next to your groom waiting for the music to stop!

An issue with using your own CD rather than a DJ is also that it can‘t be changed if the music you have chosen isn‘t working with your guests. A professional DJ is paid to entertain and should be able to ensure that the music suits everyone‘s taste and that everyone has a great time.

Live Classical Music

This can be lovely. The advantage of live music is that they should be able to adapt the music to suit the audience. It‘s probably worth ensuring that the group that you hire is used to playing at functions and won‘t want to be the centre of attention – you want people to be able to chat after all. There are many different types available from a single harp to a full orchestra. Quartets and trios are particularly popular.


The classic evening entertainment. Make sure you get a good one, I once went to a wedding where all the songs the DJ played were about couples fighting and splitting up – not appropriate at all! If you do have live music it‘s often a good idea to have a DJ as well as he can play when the musicians are taking a rest.

Live band

I‘m thinking more as evening entertainment than as playing you up the aisle, but hey – it‘s your wedding! This can be fantastic – but make sure you share your taste with at least a few of your guests. If you have really unusual music tastes then it may not be the best idea to inflict your favourite band and their lyrics on your elderly grandma.


Again – very Scottish. Most Scots will have learnt at least some country dancing at school – but if your wedding isn‘t all Scots then try to remember everyone else. Don‘t worry though – the dances used at ceilidhs are all very simple and if you get a decent caller with the group then everyone should have a fantastic time. People who aren‘t from Scotland and aren‘t used to ceilidhs generally really love them.

Ceilidh dancing is very tiring so it may be best to mix dances up with a normal DJ, or you may run out of partners! Also if you have a long dress you will have to make sure it is pinned up securely at my wedding I decided to avoid strip the willow in the end – my favourite dance as I didn‘t think my dress would take it!

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